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Green River Bass Club Two Day Club Classic Results

Posted by on Oct 5, 2010

The Green River Bass Club held its’ 2 day Club Classic on Oct. 2nd and 3rd.  Day one was held on Lake Cumberland and day 2 was held on Green River Lake.  Following are the results:

The team of Mitch Lewis and Mendell Milby earned Angler of the Year honors along with Classic day 2 Big Fish catch of 5.28 lbs.

The team of Ronny Spinks and Anthony Stargel were Classic day 1 Big Fish winners and also claimed the 2010 Progressive Big Bass contest.

from left, top and bottom:

1st Place – Mitch Lewis and Mendell Milby 17.93 lbs.
2nd Place – Dan Streeval and Brett Underwood 17.50 lbs.
3rd Place – Roger Hovious and Phil Hovious 17.07 lbs.
4th Place – Buster Williams and Kim Clark 15.99 lbs.
5th Place – Jim Lane and Michael Carter 15.52 lbs.
6th Place – Danny Williams and Chad White 14.46 lbs.
7th Place – Robbie Kimbler and Jeremy Burton 14.39 lbs.
8th Place – James Gabehart and Eric Feese 14.16 lbs.
9th Place – Billy Sanders and Greg Janes 12.84 lbs.
10th Place – James Myers and Bryn Fallis 12.54 lbs.

Upcoming events
The Green River Bass Club will hold an open bass tournament at Green River Lake on Sat. October 23rd launching at Ramp 1 from 8 am – 4 pm eastern time.  This tournament will count as a 2011 classic qualifying tournament.  The entry fee including big fish will be $50 per boat.  For more information, contact John Sabo at 403-1971 or Jim Sabo at 403-7899 or visit www.greenriverbassclub.com

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